Horse racing partnerships that are
 affordable & fun

From handicapping to horsemanship, we’ve assembled a team of diverse, experienced, bright young minds who understand every aspect of the game and the realities that go along with it. We pride ourselves on open communication and honesty. We are straight shooters.

The backstretch at a racetrack is a magical place. Grab a cup of coffee, come hang out at the barn, give our horses a pep talk and join us on the rail while we watch them train. It’s tough to explain until you’ve done it, but there’s no feeling like winning a race with a horse you have a personal connection to. Brilliant Racing encourages camaraderie within the partnership. We’re all in this together, so let’s maximize the experience!

The first step into partnership is the most important part. I really appreciate the time Brandon spent answering all my questions in the beginning (it was late evening), Joe’s time and honesty and Natalie is just a breathe of fresh air at the track. No negatives for me! Thank you for what you do for all of us.


The management is friendly, organized and does a great job keeping you informed on what’s going on. I considered joining a group for years and when I finally found this team I immediately felt at home. No regrets!


An amazing team that I am proud to be a part of. Some of my fondest memories of horse racing have been had these past three years with Brilliant. Can not wait to see what the future holds for our horses.


The leadership and managing partners are top-notch people and bring a wealth of knowledge about racing. Above all, they are accessible, trustworthy, and down-to-earth. Would not change a single thing about that. I think the partnership is very good because ultimately, quality individuals are in charge, who value relationships and people.


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