1. Real Horse Ownership
We are not a club and we don’t offer microshares. You will have regular access to your horses. Enjoy the journey with a manageable group of members, and make lots of new friends along the way!

2. Have Interest in Multiple Horses
Paying bills on one horse who is on the sidelines is no fun. With at least three individuals purchased for each partnership, you’re almost always in the game.

3. The Horse Comes First
We give our horses every opportunity to succeed, and employ trainers who do the same. Once a horse’s career is over, we work overtime to find them the best home possible.

4. Transparency
We close the partnership BEFORE we buy the horses, so there are no expensive mark-ups. Detailed financial statements are sent monthly, so you know EXACTLY how the funds are being spent.

5. Leadership
Our managing partners are experienced, yet progressive. They compliment each other in all aspects of the sport. They understand both the needs of the horse and how to play the game.

6. Communication
We are in touch with our members DAILY through our private Facebook page – workout videos, photos, horse updates, races we are pointing to, etc. Detailed email updates are sent on a regular basis, and we conduct open zoom calls several times per year. In addition, we are always just a phone call away!

7. Life Experience
The backstretch is a magical place. The pride of watching your horse saddled in the paddock is indescribable. We encourage our owners to enjoy all aspects of the horse ownership experience. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

8. Success
With the multiple stakes winner Yes It’s Ginger leading the way, we have won with 11 of our last 50 starters (22%) over the past 13 months. Winning races is hard, but we scour condition books and try to put our horses in the best position to succeed.

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