At this level, owning horses should be approached as disposable income entertainment.

What sets Brilliant Racing apart from a lot of other partnerships out there is that we lay out a plan, collect the funds from our members FIRST, close the partnership, and THEN buy the horses. We don’t buy a horse for $50,000 at the sale, sell shares based on a $100,000 value, and then pocket the difference.

Unlike many of the commercial racing partnerships who produce and air expensive commercials, pay multiple high-level salaries and attempt to make a considerable profit on their venture regardless of their level of success with YOUR money, we launched Brilliant Racing to enhance our own experiences in the game. Our time is valuable, and we will be marginally compensated for it, but for us, this venture is not all about making money. The memories are worth more.

Brilliant Racing Partnership V units will be offered in $3,000 increments, which will cover the financial commitment for at least 15 months. Members can buy in for as many units as they choose. The more capital we raise, the greater our buying power at the Keeneland September Yearling Sale.

In addition to the cost of the horses, we will build in 15 months worth of expenses (training, veterinary, administrative, insurance, etc.) into the partnership (see FAQ for more details), which will take us to the end of 2023.

Members are encouraged to purchase the number of units they feel financially comfortable with. In order to keep the number of members to a reasonable level, we encourage purchasing multiple units, but only with disposable income.

We have partnered with Tagg Team Racing (managing partner Travis Foley) and various other reputable groups and individuals on all of our recent purchases, and that plan will remain in place for partnership V. Partnering with other owners and groups has many advantages. It allows us to purchase interest in more horses (more action), to operate at a higher level (better chance at the BIG horse) and cuts down on our expenses. Only individuals or groups that we have an established relationship/friendship with will be considered for potential partnerships.

Our horses will be based in Kentucky the majority of the year, with New Orleans used as the primary winter destination. We have also won races at Gulfstream and Lone Star in recent months and hope to be represented at Saratoga during their prestigious summer boutique meet in the near future. We will continuously scour condition books from coast to coast to take advantage of horse placement opportunities.

The majority of the funds raised will be allocated towards Kentucky-bred yearlings, but we have also committed to partner in a Louisiana-bred with Team Foley, which will bring an extra level of fun to our New Orleans members.

In all Brilliant Racing ventures, we will provide full disclosure within the partnership agreement as well as detailed, monthly financial statements. This method will allow for a patient approach and for our young horses to have ample time to develop. After the year is up, the status of the partnership will be evaluated, and the managing partners will determine how to proceed. For a more detailed explanation, refer to our FAQ.

Brandon Stauble and Natalie Gils are the managing partners, and as a founding member, Joe Kristufek remains very much involved in all decisions. They will communicate directly with the trainers. Through our private Facebook member page, our website, social media, direct e-mail and an occasional Zoom call, we keep partners engaged and up-to-date with stable information on a regular basis.

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