The Mission

BRILLIANT (adj.) Very bright and radiant. Exceptionally clever or talented.

As our fifth Brilliant Racing partnership is launched, we can reflect back on all of the horses, experiences, successes and lessons learned. Some of our members have been with us from the very beginning, while others have joined the family more recently. The memories we have made will last a lifetime, and there are many more in our future. We hope that you will consider joining us in this upcoming journey!

Have you thought about horse ownership and just haven’t pulled the trigger? You CAN get involved and it’s a lot easier than you think. Perhaps you’ve been a horse owner in the past but didn’t have the greatest experience. The number one rule of horse ownership – trust the people you’re getting involved with — don’t get taken for a ride. There are no guarantees, but hard work, doing right by the horses, honesty, transparency and communication put reputable horse ownership groups on a path to enjoyment and success.

If instant action and gratification in the horse ownership space is what you are looking for, Brilliant Racing probably isn’t for you. We are not a claiming partnership. We aren’t against claiming a horse if put in a position to do so, but our mission is to buy and develop young horses and give them every opportunity to reach their potential.

When evaluating racing prospects, we leave no stone unturned. We love the game but always put the horses first. We pride ourselves on open communication and honesty. We are straight shooters! When you join up with us, you’re not just one of many. With a manageable number of members, you become a part of the Brilliant Racing family.

From handicapping to horsemanship, we’ve assembled a team of diverse, experienced, bright minds who understand every aspect of the game and the realities that go along with it. Brilliant Racing was established by racing fans for racing fans.

We make horse ownership fun, interactive and affordable, and collect a few winner’s circle photos along the way!

This is your opportunity to join a horse racing partnership that strives to be brilliant on every level. At Brilliant Racing, we will put ourselves in position to succeed, enjoy the journey and make some amazing memories along the way!

The backstretch at a racetrack is a magical place. Grab a cup of coffee, come hang out at the barn, give our horses a pep talk and join us on the rail while we watch them train. It’s tough to explain until you’ve done it, but there’s no feeling like winning a race with a horse you have a personal connection to.

Brilliant Racing encourages camaraderie within the partnership. You’ll make great new friends and share in a truly prideful journey. We’re all in this together, so become a part of something unique and special and let’s maximize the experience!

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