The Strategy

In each Brilliant Racing Partnership, we will acquire and manage a string of multiple horses.

With an emphasis on young stock, the goal for each partnership is to acquire multiple horses by means of public auction, but we also leave the door open for a private purchase and/or a claim. We love the challenge of the sales and in order to maximize your membership dollar, we put in a TON of work.

Although we are proud of our previous successes enjoyed at the two-year-olds in training sales in our first three years of existence, we also recognized that those horses are prepped extremely hard to sell. Many of them were purchased as yearlings, and the consignor’s goal is to flip them for a profit. The sales prep experience is very demanding on a young horse. Much of the time they exit the sales mentally fried with minor physical issues that need to be addressed and take time to get over.

For Brilliant Racing IV, we felt the timing was right to attack the Keeneland September Yearling Sale. Because of their stage of development, purchasing yearlings comes with greater risk, but it also has a potentially much higher reward. Once the horses are purchased, we have control over their development. Instead of being forced to do something before they’re ready with another sale as the goal, the horses we purchase as yearlings can progress at their own pace under the watchful eye of highly experienced horsemen that we choose and trust.

For partnership V, Brilliant Racing will once again be shopping for yearlings in the $30-100,000 range, with financial flexibility dependent on the amount of capital raised. In order to share costs and spread our risk, all of the yearlings will be purchased in partnerships with other established and trusted horse owners/partnerships unless otherwise stated. We could own up to 50-75% or a horse, or even less if we have multiple partners. In order to take advantage of the programs offered, our plan going into this year’s sale is to invest in two-three Kentucky-breds and one high-level Louisiana-bred.

An estimated average cost per month for breaking and training services will be approximately $3,500 per yearling. If there are no setbacks and the horse arrives to the track in April or May, the total amount spent per individual will be roughly $24,500, of which, on a 50-50 partnership with another entity, we would owe half. Other costs associated with any racehorse also includes transportation, veterinarian bills, dental/farrier, etc. For a more detailed breakdown of the regular expenses associated with horse ownership, refer to our “frequently asked questions”.

As mid-level buyers at the sales, we will seek out quality athletes with charisma, a good attitude and competitive demeanors with under the radar pedigrees.

If we determine the horse could possibly be in our price range, we construct a “short list” and conduct an inspection (or three) before deciding which horses to have vetted. Then it’s time to put a value on the horses we like most, hit the sales ring and bid!

Young horses take time to develop, and at Brilliant Racing we believe in giving them every opportunity to realize their potential. We also understand that our members want action. Even though our focus in partnership V will once again be yearlings, we are also open to buying into or acquiring a ready-made individual if the opportunity presents itself.

We are not going to force it. We know the game. Patience is one of our strengths. We’re not going to buy into a horse just for the sake of doing so. All of our potential purchases will be well thought out and extremely well researched in every area.

Brilliant Racing Partnership IV will target the Keeneland September Yearling Sale (September 12-24) and the Fasig Tipton Kentucky October Yearling Sale (October 24-27)

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