What some of the members have to say about their experience.

You all do an amazing job and I would recommend this partnership over anything at this price point or level. One of the under appreciated aspects is that the partners seem overwhelmingly like good, decent people and the best kinds of racing fans. I can’t remember ever seeing or hearing complaining or second-guessing. Everyone seems to get how hard it is to win and appreciate how challenging it must be for you all to manage all of this. Good people seem to gravitate to Brilliant. I’m really proud to be part of a group that puts the horses first and loves the sport so much. So many of the partners are people I would be glad to spend time with at the track. I just can’t say enough about the job you all do.


The first step into partnership is the most important part. I really appreciate the time Brandon spent answering all my questions in the beginning (it was late evening), Joe’s time and honesty and Natalie is just a breathe of fresh air at the track. No negatives for me! Thank you for what you do for all of us.


The Facebook page has been a great way to stay connected on top of receiving detailed updates. I find myself checking it daily. Another aspect of the partnership I really enjoy is the investment level that takes into account more than just the purchase price of horses to avoid having to keep up with monthly bills. The level of communication and transparency with this group really is unmatched. I have really enjoyed staying updated and feeling part of the sales process, to training and health updates, to trainer/jockey/managing partner interviews and updates. Thank you all for putting the horses first and for putting in the extra effort to keep us updated and in the loop with what is happening along the way. I definitely plan to continue participating with Brilliant Racing and am excited to see where we go from here. You guys are awesome!


I have been involved in Thoroughbred ownership for 20 plus years. Through Brilliant Racing I have had the opportunity to meet some great people and put the fun back into horse racing. The Team assembled by the Brilliant Group is top notch in communication and transparency. The trainers do what’s right for the horses and the managing partners keep the members updated with emails, texts and photos. Even if you aren’t in the paddock before a race you feel a part of the action. My experience has been great and I look forward to a Brilliant future with this group.


An amazing team that I am proud to be a part of. Some of my fondest memories of horse racing have been had these past three years with Brilliant. Can not wait to see what the future holds for our horses.


Perfect mixture of fun and horse ownership. The concept is “brilliant”. From sales ring, to early training, to the track, then to the races. The managing partners make it easy for you to get involved and get to know the horses. They expose you to the entire process with great updates and accommodating visits. I highly recommend. Affordable and fun. Good people and good horsemanship make this the best in group syndicates. Five stars!


The management is friendly, organized and does a great job keeping you informed on what’s going on. I considered joining a group for years and when I finally found this team I immediately felt at home. No regrets!


This is my first involvement with a horse racing partnership, so I wasn’t actually sure what to expect. Communication has been excellent. I also appreciate how the partnership was able to handle the unfortunate injury to Yaafour. I enjoyed being able to participate in the naming of Kenny and Ginger. Keep up the good work! #bebrilliant.


I am thrilled to be a Brilliant Racing member. I had some previous racing club experience and learned what I wanted going forward. A for profit group with friendly, approachable, professional management that puts the horse first. Trainers that provide progress updates and pre/post-race comments. Brilliant has delivered and this partnership feels like a cohesive TEAM. Race days hanging out with other members are exciting.


I brag all the time about how good the communication is within this partnership. I love all the posts with pictures, videos, etc. I appreciate the heads up on what races you are considering entering so we can plan needed time off/travel. Our racing day get togethers have been awesome! I really enjoyed meeting everyone and talking about my favorite subject! I hope I can be a part of Brilliant Racing for many years to come. I explicitly trust our trainers to do the right thing for our horses. I believe that Brilliant has lived up to their mission statement…making horse ownership fun, interactive and affordable.


The leadership and managing partners are top-notch people and bring a wealth of knowledge about racing. Above all, they are accessible, trustworthy, and down-to-earth. Would not change a single thing about that. I think the partnership is very good because ultimately, quality individuals are in charge, who value relationships and people.


“Having previous experience as a horse owner on my own, I feel that people don’t understand the work that goes on behind the scenes. When approached by Brilliant Racing I didn’t know what to expect in a racing TEAM.

TEAM is an understatement let me speak on my own behalf but I’m sure I’m echoing many involved in this partnership…you have transformed TEAM into first class family of racing.

The professionalism, communication, transparency and class that brilliant racing has brought to the equation is truly a trend setter in this business. My only skepticism going into this was “after the check is deposited do we become silent partners shoved into the background“?

Let me strongly state that at Brilliant racing EVERYONE has a voice and input, there is not a text , phone call or e-mail that the managing partners doesn’t answer or return within minutes.

In this game the most important thing to focus on is first the treatment of the horses, second the treatment of their partners and lastly the respect for the horse racing game. To their credit, they have chosen to be nothing but BRILLIANT.”


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